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Your privacy is extremely important to us. This privacy policy is here to give a clear understanding of how the Pose A Pet app works and what information it collects, which is none.


Pose A Pet app is a local app that runs in conjunction with your Android or Apple powered device. We do not collect any of your personal information from the app. We may from time to collect usage statistics thru a developer program like Test Flight so we may improve the app and continue saving animals lives. That’s it. We will never share anything with anyone. We are privacy advocates through and through.


Any posts or sharing of content on social media is solely done by your discretion.  You make the choice to share content on your chosen social network. Pose-A-Pet and its subsidiaries take no responsibility for any content you have posted, on an social network or digital outlet.


* We do not collect or save any of your photos, its all done locally so if you love them, back them up!


Thank you for your cooperation and especially your support!

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